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  • Receive valuable feedback on your listings & products
  • Improve your Amazon Best-Seller-Rank
  • Increase sales & conversion to maximize your profit
  • Increase the visibility of your Amazon listings
  • Perfect your product launch and boost new listings
  • Optimise your Amazon listing based on target-groups
  • More than 5 million ASINs are monitored daily

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AMZ Performance Tool

The affiliated AMZ Performance Tool not only helps you with your keyword research, but also facilitates the overview and control of your listings. Alerts keep you up to date. Features like the Competitor Spy, the Sales Radar and the PPC Manager complete our tool.

ShopDoc Deals Platform

Generate constant sales with the help of our product testers and thus increase your organic sales in the long run. Or use our platform to make your listings customer-oriented and perfectly optimised. This leads to significantly increased conversion rates and lower return & bounce rates.

„Like every FBA seller, we face the challenge of creating visibility for our products. In addition, customers, unfortunately, seldom write product reviews. We came across ShopDoc when we were looking for a solution to these two primary challenges. And what can I say: ShopDoc solves the exact problems every new seller is facing. On the one hand, we can generate constant orders in the launch phase of a product, on the other hand we receive a high number of product ratings. As a result, product launches are much easier. Very important: everything is done in accordance with Amazon’s rules. We do not want to miss ShopDoc any more, it’s a great way to get into the FBA business.“

Nils Bluhm


„Because I am launching new products on a regular basis and thus need to optimize, manage and track them accordingly, I was looking for a suitable Amazon tool to assist me. I was looking for efficient data to optimize keywords in the frontend & backend of my listings and to track their ranking over the long term, Since ShopDoc offers all these points, the tool is the optimal AMALYZE alternative for me.“

Dennis Genc


„Brilliant! All [pre-launch] products jumped extremely high in the rankings, even those that were not directly advertised. I really like the idea of 1-2 coupons per day for already existing products!“

Daniel Wiegand


„I have tested the tool and it is really awesome, a clear advantage over the competition. Really astonishing to see how bad or how incredibly well placed the competitors are. „

Toni Stoye

ShopDoc Customer