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Have you ever dreamed about being a product tester and being able to test awesome and innovative products? Good news: All that can come true with just a few clicks. Sign up here, become a product tester and start immediately! Whether male or female, young or old, everybody can become product tester on ShopDoc Deals.


Apply for awesome & interesting products

On our product test platform, we have new awesome deals every day! Products of all possible categories are offered to you and you can apply for as many products as you want. As soon as your application is accepted by the retailer, you will receive a coupon code, which you can easily redeem in your marketplace shopping cart. The complete ordering process takes place on the market to make it as easy and convenient as possible!


Become Product Tester and test products at home

Product testing with ShopDoc Deals is as straightforward and convenient as it gets! As soon as the product arrives at your home, you can check it out, test it and form an opinion about it.
Afterwards you send your feedback directly to the retailer. With your reviews and feedback you help retailers/manufacturers and other customers immensely. Become product tester and get started!


Keep the products

After the product test and the submitted feedback you can keep the tested product or give it to your friends or your family.
Sounds interesting? What are you waiting for? Register now for free and become product tester!

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Become a product tester - It's easy!

If you want to become a product tester on our platform, all you need is a verified Amazon account. In addition, our product testers should be reliable, as the feedback provided helps the sellers enormously. It is important to always give honest feedback, so if a product does not meet your expectations (be it the quality, the packaging or other), you can mention that in your evaluation. The seller then knows what he needs to improve.

Products of all categories

The articles offered on our platform are diverse and every possible product category is represented, be it cosmetics, clothing, accessories, electrical articles, gardening tools, sporting goods, everyone will make a find. The great thing about our platform: Sometimes, products are distributed to our product testers before the official sales launch on the market. With your test result and your evaluation,  retailers get valuable feedback about the quality, packaging, color, etc. before they launch the product to public. Become product tester – It will be worth it!

Why to become product tester on our platform

On ShopDoc Deals product testers have priority! We are always striving to offer new attractive deals, appealing products and trendy brands on our platform to ensure exciting tests and a great variety. In contrast to other tester platforms, our product testers have the opportunity to express wishes for future deals, where traders can orient themselves by. In addition, we control the deals and limit or prohibit inferior items, e.g. „cheap“ cell phone covers etc. Register now and become product tester!


Just sign up here and we will let you know when our platform is available in the UK.

To become a product tester, all you need is a verified Amazon account. You should also have fun exploring and testing innovative products and it is important to us (and also the dealers) that our product testers give detailed & honest Feedback.

After you have tested a product extensively, you have to send an internal feedback to the retailer. In addition, you have the possibility to write a product review directly on Amazon.

We use a reliability system that shows you (as well as the retailers) how reliable you are. This allows dealers to exclude low-reliability product testers from their deals.
If you receive a product for testing, but do not give a feedback, your reliability is greatly reduced and your chance of future deals will descend.

On our platform you will find products of all possible categories. Both well-known brands, as well as brand new Amazon vendors offer their products for testing and look forward to your feedback.

The dealers either have the opportunity to manually give out the coupon codes for their products, or through an automatic process. In doing so, your reliability plays a primary role, because traders give out the products with the intention to receive detailed and meaningful evaluations.
It also includes how active you are on the platform. The faster you apply to a newly offered product, the greater is the chance to receive it for testing.

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