Perfect Product Images on Amazon

How to boost your conversion with images

Product images are one of the top-ranking factors on Amazon which also increase the conversion rate significantly. Saving money here is not worth it. You should therefore make sure to get professional photos of your products taken.

But which cover image will convert best? Which application images appeal to potential customers the most? And which images should not be included in the listing?

Here it is important to get feedback from end users. One possibility is the A/B Image Comparison feature on ShopDoc Deals. A/B Image Comparison holds the answers for the above-mentioned questions. With this feature, sellers can let their product images be reviewed by more than 6,000 experienced product testers and thus find out the images which lead to more purchase from the end customer’s perspective.


In general, the cover image is the most important element in a listing because it is the first product image that a potential customer sees after entering a search term.

For cover images, the Amazon style guides need to be considered:

  • Allowed formats: JPEG (.jpg), PNG (.png) and GIF (.gif)
  • (Line) drawings are inadmissible
  • Neither frame nor text elements are allowed
  • Watermarks are not allowed
  • External links / URLs are not allowed
  • The product has to occupy about 80% of the total image size
  • The product must have a white background (hex #ffffff)
  • Minimum Resolution: 72 DPI.
  • Dimensions: min. 500px width or height; max. 3000px allowed
  • sRGB color mode
  • 8 bits per channel


This cover image shows the bike phone holder with a white background and fits the style guides.


In this cover image the phone holder is not shown with a white background. It is therefore not immediately obvious which product is to be sold. Additionally, the holder is almost completely hidden behind the smartphone.


The zoom feature allows the customer to take a closer look at the product. To enable the zoom feature for product images, you need a minimum of 1000 pixels on the longest side and 500 pixels on the shortest side.


You have the option to upload 7-9 product images per Amazon listing. You should definitely make use of this option because product images contribute significantly to the purchase decision of potential customers.

Especially application images can be used to market the product successfully.

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Images with people or human interactions arouse emotions in the customer. It also makes the Amazon product images seem more vivid and engaging.


Depending on the type of product, it may be helpful to illustrate the proportions and USPs using product images. Potential customers thus do not have to scroll down and search for the information in the product description.  


With some products, it may be useful to show them in an exemplary environment. Potential customers can thus imagine what the product might look like in the appropriate surrounding.