Receive analyses on trademark infringements of your brand and on sellers offering your branded product.


Detailed market analyses show you the sales potential of specific categories, niches and products and help you with finding the right product for your business.


Control sellers who distribute merchandise under your license. Uncover license & price maintenance violations.


Obtain analyses on optimization levels of specific product groups & find out how much optimization potential there is.

Increase your success on Amazon with our analyses.

You too can benefit from our years of experience and – based on our expert analyses – gain a deeper understanding of the market as well as precise insights into current market situations and market changes. Thus, you can reach the maximum of your potential and sales.

Through our data-driven & in-depth analyses, you can detect brand fraud and take immediate action against it. Alongside other data, we also have the prices and shipping costs of all products and sellers available, thus we can carry out comparisons regarding recommended retail price, price agreements etc. Through our analyses you can detect sellers who e.g. distribute your merchandise via license but violate the price maintenance which was agreed upon or other license rights.

Our analyses are not limited to the above mentioned examples. Based on the amount of data we have, we can carry out various individual analyses. Simply send us an inquiry using the contact form below or arrange a direct callback.

You are interested in a professional expert analysis?

Please fill out the adjoining form – we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our expert analyses can cover the following aspects, for example:

  • Brand fraud detection (trademark infringements)
  • Recognizing sales potentials
  • License monitoring (e.g. price maintenance)
  • Optimization level of product groups
  • Individual analysis

Of course, on request, we can also conduct completely individual analyses suiting your own requirements. We are happy to discuss the details with you.